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The Results Are In: See Who Won Mr. Skin's World Cups 2018! Daddario true detective 740166 infobox 80bd1eac featured

Hint: USA! USA! USA! ... read more

Degrassi Stars Who Have Shown Some Skin Mcdonald poisonivy4 hd n 08 infobox f76fd021 featured

Drake's new music video has us inspired and far from upset!... read more

Raël’s ‘In•Her’ Circle: The First Wife & the Mistress Go topless03 photo 01 16cf8cd9 featured

An enraptured enterprising journalist once shouted, “The Raëlians are great material: They’re sexy, good-looking nudists, and they worship space aliens! If that doesn’t get your attention, you’re probably dead.” ... read more

Top Ten Hottest Actresses From Alberta, Canada Screen shot 2016 08 30 at 9 02 04 am bb4aaec3 web ac635450 featured

On this day in 1905, Alberta joined the Canadian Confederation, becoming an official Canadian provence. Little did we know that our neighbors to the north have given us a gaggle of gorgeous gals who have doffed their duds on screen! Here are our ten favorite nude natives of Alberta, Canada!... read more

Hail Bare-y! Pam Anderson Courts Controversy with Canadian Christmas Special 10120 web

Babies (of all ages) may be clamoring to suckle at Pamela Anderson's teat, but Canadian Catholics are making a holy mess of her appearance as the Virgin Mary on an upcoming Christmas special.

Comedian Russell Peters cast Pam in his "irreverent" A Russell Peters Christmas Special, which airs December 1st on Canada's CTV network. Before the special has even aired, Catholic groups in the country are already accusing Peters of casting Pam for "shock value" and charging that her sex-tapes-and-jiggle-tv past makes Pam's portrayal of the Holy Mother an affront to the Christian faith.

Pam has remained mum on the subject, but Peters says he thinks the whole thing has been blown out of proportion:

"I didn't even think of the other side of Pam Anderson which is so long ago, it's like come on, give the chick a break already,” he told CTV News. So why cast the Baywatch star, if not for her notoriety (after all, anyone with internet access can she she ain't no virgin)?:

"We had written the sketch and we didn't know who we were putting in it and we thought, hey, Pam Anderson is Canadian, we can use more Canadian people in this show,"
Peters says.

Sure, Russell. Sure.

Members can see more of Pamela Anderson's heavenly body right here at MrSkin.com!... read more

Oh, Canada: Great Pairs from the Great White North [PICS] 9205 web

This weekend we commemorate America's 235th birthday on July 4, 2011, but first let's take a moment to say "spanks" to our brothers and sisters to the North who are celebrating Canada Day today. We say "spanks" because Canada has produced some of the finest nude act-chestsses ever to bare their twin peaks on screen, like Playboy record-holder Pamela Anderson and fellow bunny babe Shannon Tweed, as well as dairylicious Debbie Rochon and the huge all-natural hooters of Deborah Kara Unger.

You'll be saying "Oh, Canada!" with these busty babes, plus Jessica Pare, Christina Cox, and Natasha Henstridge nude after the jump!... read more

This Week's T&A on DVD: Pillars in your Pants! 7766 featured

From naked Natalia Wörner in the Starz mini-series The Pillars of the Earth to nude Naomi Watts in the drama Mother and Child, this pre-Christmas week features some stocking-stuffer DVDs that will also stuff the stocking in your pants.
The Pillars of the Earth
The Starz historical miniseries The Pillars of the Earth chronicles the building of a cathedral in 12th century England. But if you're not into spires and arches, you can still check out the flying buttresses of co-star Natalia Wörner. Star Hayley Atwell uses a possible stunt butt for her nude scene, but naked Natalia puts her own architecture on display. Forget "brick house," she's built like a stone church!
Mother and Child
Ever electrifying Naomi Watts puts in her sixth career nude scene and her costar Kerry Washington does her fourth in the drama Mother and Child. Naomi bares butt and then showing off her motherrific mammaries and muff when she goes fully frontal on the balcony and Ms. Washington will have you erecting a monument in your pants when she reveals right rackage in bed with her boyfriend. Naomi and Kerry are the mothers of skinvention. I guess that makes me Frank Slappa!
The Quintessential Guy Maddin! 5 Films from the Heart of Winnipeg
The Quintessential Guy Maddin! 5 Films from the Heart of Winnipeg is a four-disc box set of far-out movies from Canadian arthouse auteur Guy Maddin. Included are the 1997 fantasy The Twilight of the Ice Nymphs, featuring the rumptastic rear of Pascale Bussières, 2003's Cowards Bend the Knee with naked Melissa Dionisio, and the 1992 flick Careful, where we get full frontal from Gosia Dobrowolska and T&A from Katya Gardner and Sarah Neville. What a guy Maddin is!... read more

Top 10 Canadian Cuties

What is it that runs through the cold, clear mountain water in Canada that makes the women there so incredibly hot?

Canada's brought the world many wonderful things, such as SCTV, ice hockey, and poutine, but it's also produced vampy Anna Paquin, Smallville beauty Kristin Kreuk, and sizzling blonde Elisha Cuthbert.

So bundle up, and click "more", and prepare to meet North America's sexiest.... read more

Hank and Mike's Matthiew Klinck and Thomas Michael: The Mr. Skin Interview 3865 featured

By C.G. Hilliard

Canadian director Mathiew Klinck twisted comedy Hank and Mike stars Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini as the titular pair of laid-off Easter Bunnies.

Although Hank is a Hell-raising womanizer and Mike is an anxiety-ridden introvert, the two have to overcome their differences to deal with the consequences of their unemployment.

Aniela Kurylo shows T&A as one of Hank’s one-night stands, and Talia Russo bares all three B’s as an artist’s nude model.

Michael and Thomas recently spoke to C.G. Hilliard about their new movie.

Read the interview after the jump.... read more

A Very Young Celine Dion NUDE! 2453 web

I Know That Her Parts Will Show On: Big-Voiced Songstress Bares Boobs in Early Film Role

Everyone knows that Canadian crooner Celine Dion has one of the most powerful voices in pop music. Few know that "pop" meant something different before sultry Celine hit the big time.

Around age 21, Dion appeared in a Canadian television series called Des fleurs sur la neige, which translates to "teats in the tub".

After the cut, more peeks at Celine's soulful peaks!
... read more

Fresh Model Meat for Mini Me! 2290 web

Dominique Arganese, Canadian Fashion Hottie, Is Rumored to Be Blowing Away Verne Troyer

The Hollywood Gossip reports that luscious, raven-maned Canadian model Dominque Arganese is the latest towering romantic conquest of pint-sized Austin Powers and reality TV superstar Verne Troyer.

After checking out Dominque’s portfolio on We Select Models, Mr. Skin can state most emphatically that he’s now eager to see a sequel to Verne’s recently released home sex video.
... read more

Nude Canadian Babes Bare All on New Cable Porn Channel Northern Peaks 1243 featured

New Canadian Channel To Feature Northern (and Southern) Peeks

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has approved a proposal by Alberta-based Real Productions to launch an adult cable channel called Northern Peaks, provided that they find a carrier and that at least 50% of the content be Canadian-made, according to a recent article.

Luckily, Canadians have lots of incredibly hot beavers to choose from when they want celebrity nudity, including Mia Kirshner, Pamela Anderson, Natasha Henstridge, Shannon Tweed, Helen Shaver, and Margot Kidder.

Read more and check out a free pic fro Canadian lesbian vampire flick Eternal after the cut.
... read more

Naked Avril Lavigne Sex Tape: Is This It? 316 featured

Explicit Vid May or May Not Showcase Avril Lavigne Nude, Riding Skater Boi

Celebrity Sex Tape Archive is reporting rumors that a hardcore video has surfaced that features pint-sized pop-punk power-pixie Avril Lavigne.

Mr. Skin is a huge fan of the deliciously petite and potently punchy Ms. Lavigne and, upon examining the evidence here at the Skin Labs, our team has drawn a conclusion.

Get the results (and a peek at pics from the video) after the jump.

... read more

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