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Swarm (2023-)

Great Nudity!

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Starting out in Houston in 2016, we’re introduced to Dre (Dominique Fishback), lonely mall sales clerk and über-devoted member of the Swarm, which is the name of the fanbase for a Beyonce-style singer named Ni’Jah. Dre doesn’t drink, or do drugs, or have any vices, really. She just likes to watch other people do those things, which is why her work colleagues don’t invite her to hang with them any more. They think it’s creepy, unlike her sister Marissa (Chloe Bailey)’s boyfriend Khalid (Damson Idris) who seems to delight when Dre stumbles upon the couple having sex. Then tragedy strikes, sending Dre on a crazy downward spiral/cross country road trip pushed by her violent obsession with Ni-Jah. Not only is their skin in the premiere, but its also Chloe’s nude debut as we see her bare butt during the aforementioned voyeuristic sex. Hopefully Swarm will stay true to its name and keep giving us more Bs!