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Sushi Girl

Sushi Girl (2012)

Great Nudity!


A sexy sushi supper becomes a bloodbath in the ultra-violent grindhouse throwback Sushi Girl (2012). Fish (Noah Hathaway) just spent the last six years in jail for refusing to rat out his accomplices in a diamond robbery. The night he is released, his former cohorts take him out for a celebratory dinner-- sushi served on the body of a naked girl (Cortney Palm) trained to remain completely still...no matter what. She's made for the gig, both because of her amazing body and because she never so much as glances at crime boss Duke (Tony Todd) as he presses Fish on where those hidden diamonds are. Fish claims he has no idea, and that someone else must've taken them during the robbery before the cops showed up. Crow (Mark Hamill) doesn't appreciate that answer, so he starts torturing Fish, while Francis (James Duval) heads to the bathroom to check on the wire he has strapped to his body. The facade of friendship crumbles and these five tough guys re-open some old wounds (literally and figuratively), accusations get thrown around, and people end up dead. And the whole time, the sushi girl lies still. You'll never see the ending coming, unless you've seen Saw (2004), but this one's all about getting to see every bit of that body covered in sushi. Cortney Palm is the platter who'll make you splatter, baring tits and ass as she's covered in sushi. We'd love to raw dog that hottie covered in raw fish! Instead, we'll just grow some more hair on our palms to her nude scenes! Eventually she'll get up and give us an even better look at her tits when she reveals the big twist. Every man wants a rack like that on the menu! Cortney will Maki you so horny in Sushi Girl