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Sushi Girl

Sushi Girl (2012)

Great Nudity!


A sexy sushi supper becomes a bloodbath in the ultra-violent grindhouse throwback Sushi Girl (2012). Fish (Noah Hathaway) just spent the last six years in jail for refusing to rat out his accomplices in a robbery. The night he is released, his former cohorts take him out for a celebratory dinner-- sushi served on the body of a naked girl trained to remain completely still...no matter what. But when the facade of friendship crumbles and these five tough guys re-open some old wounds (literally and figuratively), the resultant carnage will be enough to make even the Sushi Girl stir. Speaking of stirrings, you'll feel one in your pants when you get an eyeful of Cortney Palm's T&A as she's laid out like a human platter. How'd she know we like it raw?