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Suburra: Blood on Rome

Suburra: Blood on Rome (2017-2020)

Great Nudity!

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One of Italy's most popular entertainment exports of the last decade was the 2015 film Suburra. It proved so popular, in fact, that two years later, Netflix released a prequel series titled Suburra: Blood on Rome. Much like the film, the series focuses on the intersection of corruption in major power organizations, be they criminal, lawful, or religious. Based on the real life Mafia Capitale investigation of crimes that took place in Lazio, Italy, the show revolves around a land deal in the coastal town of Ostia. But this land deal provides fertile ground for bad guys. A mafia family, a bunch of crooked cops, and even some major players in the Vatican all want a piece of the action, and it won't take long before the title's promise of blood on Rome is delivered! Lasting three seasons, and representing Netflix's first Italian language television show, like the film, the show is chock-a-block with nudity! Lorena Cesarini goes fully nude in two different scenes, showing off some sensationally shaved full frontal! A little later, Lorena is part of a massive lesbian orgy, where about ten women do drugs, and each other, with only one lucky man present. Speaking of presents, Barbara Chichiarelli also unwraps, going full frontal while getting out of bed, though we had to slow it down with Skin Vision to drink it all in! Add in bonus boobage and bush from Carlotta Antonelli as she tries to wake a sleepy man up with sex, Rosa Delitta Rossi showing her boobs in bed, and some captivating cleavage from Claudia Gerini, Federica Sabatini and Claudia Gerini, and this show is sure to please your weenie! You might not even make it past the first episode's amazing orgy scene where body parts are abundant! Blood on Rome will have you spilling Seed on Carpet!