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Story of Eva

Story of Eva (2015)

No Nudity


(0:23) Nicole Rio comes out of the shower in a towel and is quickly cut to in a bra before putting a dress on. (0:30) Shawna Craig in leather fetish gear. (0:35) Shawna Craig in sexy dress. Some slight cleavage on Nicole Rio getting someone out of bed. (0:41) Sheri Kresnicka on the bed in lingerie. (0:53) Shawna Craig in a leather outfit whipping Sheri Kresnicka who is naked but she is hunched over to the point we only see from the side. Then her buns are branded but it is likely just a fake. (0:55) Nicole Rio is in a leather outfit too. (0:58) Better look at a naked Sheri Kresnicka from the side, but still hunched over and covering the good parts. (0:59) Shawna Craig in leather outfit again. (0:59) Sheri Kresnicka pressed left side boob still hunched over and naked. Great cleavage on Shawna Craig leaning over and interrogating her. (1:18) Sheri Kresnicka is tied up on the ground. Her bra and panties partially visible. (1:23) BLACK WOMAN is in bra and panties. Her right nipple is peeking out. (1:27) At the very end of the credits we see a WOMAN naked in a cage trying to get out. An aerial shot gives us a look at most of her right boob but the bar obscures the nipple. (This looks like Debbie Cooper who was choked unconscious and dragged off earlier. We never do see what happens to her. Then again, Bunny Carly is credited as "girl in a box"