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American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile expands on the much beloved bawdy-teen film franchise by introducing us to new members of the notoriously knuckleheaded Stifler family, as well as upping the nudity factor by literally hundreds of naked nipples.

Steve Talley plays hard-partying college hero Dwight Stifler, the cousin of Sean William Scott's Steve Stifler from the first three American Pie installments. He took some time to discuss The Naked Mile with MrSkin.com, just in time for the movie's arrival on home video.

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Tell us a bit about American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile.
American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile is the fifth in the series, and I know what that sounds like. There's bound to be a general conclusion that the quality has to be inferior, but that's really not the case here. The first American Pie is obviously the best, and you can't touch that. But everyone who's seen The Naked Mile so far says it's the best of the sequels.

The story is basically about Erik Stifler, who's not living up to the family name in terms of partying, and how his friends whisk him away to a college where his cousin, Dwight Stifler, is king of the campus. I play Dwight and it's up to me to make a man of my young cousin.

How did it feel stepping into the Stifler family?
It was daunting. I didn't want to do a Seann William Scott imitation. I had a lot of room to take the Stifler name in a new direction. I wanted to play it a little more likable, a little more cerebral. And I think the audience was ready for that; rather than just some raging idiot like Steve Stifler, Dwight Stifler is a little bit smarter. But he's still a raging idiot.

Were you a big fan of the American Pie series before this film?
No, not really. I saw the first one when it came out, back when I was a junior in high school. There was a lot of buzz and it seemed right up my alley in terms of humor at the time--you know, dick jokes and all. My buddies and I went to the theater and it was cool. I never bothered with the sequels, though. I figured I had seen enough of these characters, and I was satisfied.

Then, after I got cast in The Naked Mile, I went up to Toronto and the producer said, "Why don't you watch the other American Pie movies, so you get a sense of the series?" And I did. And they were really good! They are definitely entertaining. I felt really good about participating in this series of films.

Tell us about the women of The Naked Mile.
Ah, the big draw! Especially to that young male demographic. There are lots of boobies in this movie--lots of boobies! Fans of beautiful women will not be disappointed.

Candace Kroslak (Picture: 1 - 2 - 3), Angel Lewis (Picture: 1 - 2), and Jaclyn A. Smith (Picture: 1 - 2) are the three principle actresses and, of course, at first it was a little awkward to be naked with them, but after a while, nobody cared. Everyone was naked!

There were 200 naked extras. They deserve all the credit in the world. After shooting for a bit, the principle actors would get a warm robe and go have coffee, but those extras were naked for 14 hours straight! They were warriors. And we've got all different shapes and sizes of people naked. Something for everyone.

The American Pie films hail from a rich tradition of teen sex comedies. What are some of your other favorites?
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Picture: 1). It's more than just a sex comedy, but it's definitely an icon of the genre. What an incredible cast, and at the time they were all unknowns. Plus you get to see Phoebe Cates (Picture: 1) naked and she is absolutely one of the hottest women of all time.

I also love Weird Science (Picture: 1 - 2), and the original Meatballs. Bill Murray is my idol.

Who are your three picks for the sexiest actresses of all time?
My answer for this involves a specific movie for two of them. First, I'd say Maria Schneider (Picture: 1 - 2) in Last Tango in Paris. And then I'd say Jane Fonda (Picture: 1) in Klute, which is one of my favorite movies. My dream would be to have a time machine and get hold of Jane Fonda when she was a teenager and then just, like, keep her under my influence until she was the age she was in Klute.

What is your all-time favorite movie nude scene?
I have to go with my sentimental favorite on this one. Basic Instinct came out at the perfect time for me. It was 1992, and I was 11, so it was making the rounds on video when I was 12 or 13. My friends I and watched it all the time and the key scene was the one where Sharon Stone (Picture: 1 - 2) ties Michael Douglas to the bed, after they were at the club. I got a lot of mileage out of that scene. Many bottles of hand lotion were laid to waste by the strength of my mighty wrist.

What was the first movie nude scene that you remember seeing?
One night in the fifth grade I went to a sleepover at the kid's house who had the sort of lax parents, and we watched Sleepaway Camp III (Picture: 1 - 2). Now, I had seen the original Nightmare on Elm Street, but there wasn't any really great nudity in that, so when I saw this scene in Sleepaway Camp III I couldn't believe it. This camper really shows her boob while she's getting felt up by a counselor, and I felt like my life had just begun! I knew who I was! It was truly my "I am Spartacus!" moment but, you know, there were other guys around, so I had to play it kind of cool.

Will we be seeing more of Dwight Stifler?
I don't know. I think if the studio makes enough money with this movie, it's always a possibility and I'd love to do it. Look, it's American Pie, so it's a party from start to finish. I had a blast!

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