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Static (2012)

No Nudity

Top Scene


A mysterious visitor complicates a young couple's already strained marriage in Static (2012). Addie (Sarah Shahi) and Jonathan (Milo Ventimiglia)'s relationship has been on the rocks ever since the accidental death of their son a few months earlier. Late one night, they are awakened by a loud knock; when Jonathan answers, he finds a panicked young woman, Rachel (Sara Paxton), at the door. Rachel claims that she was fixing a flat tire when she was attacked by a mysterious person (or persons) and begs to come inside. Jonathan lets her in, but soon the coincidences begin to pile up and it becomes unclear where the threat is really coming from. Neither of the Sara(h)s bare-a anything good here, but Shahi will create turbulence in your trousers when she dons a sheer white tank top to go to bed.