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Sophie's Choice

Sophie's Choice (1982)

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Sophie's Choice (1982) garnered the marvelous Meryl Streep her first "Best Actress in a Leading Role" Academy Award, thanks to her showstopping (and pantsdropping) performance. Based on the 1979 novel, she plays Sophie, a woman who survived Auschwitz and now lives in Brooklyn with a schizophrenic lover named Nathan (Kevin Kline). When Stingo (Peter MacNicol) a writer, moves into a boarding house with the couple, he begins to learn how troubled they really are. Nathan's a disaster of a man who is obsessed with the holocaust, lies constantly about his work, and abuses Sophie with a disturbing frequency. After seeing what she goes through with Nathan, and hearing what she went through during WWII, Stingo wants Sophie to run away with him. But Sophie's not going to get a happily ever after, especially not while haunted by the demons of having to choose which of her two children the Nazis would kill. She picked her daughter, who was executed, though her son likely died in the camp a bit later. Stingo can't save a woman this broken, and soon enough he's going to find that out. This one's a huge bummer, but luckily, this doom and gloom is punctuated with a panty shot of Streep as her lover feels her up. That's a choice set of knockers! There's also a very sexy look at Greta Turken as she makes out with her man, but constantly denies his attempts to go any further. That body will have you smirkin! We're not one to judge, but jerking it to Sophie's Choice is definitely a choice. In fairness, Mr. Skin was also choosing some alone time after watching Sophie's Choice!