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If you're going to kick off an acting career, you might as well do it with the same style and grace that Sophia Annie-Smith does, by hoovering the chest of Alden Ehrenreich aka the young Han Solo with a Nude-Comer debut in the new Peacock TV series based on the Aldous Huxley classic novel from 1932, Brave New World (2020). Sophia shows off her incredible body, including a peek at her peaks and patootie while climbing on top of the lead character John the Savage as part of the welcoming committee for him coming to New London. If ever there was a gorgeous gal to play an Alpha+ piece of ass that is there to keep the carnal parts of the dystopian world dressed up as a Utopian society, it would be this busty brunette with her amazing assets. Hell, we wouldn't even notice a dumpster fire in the same room as us if Sophia Annie-Smith was showing us her hooters--we would probably throw more rubbish onto that fire, just to get better lighting! It's her only credit to date and it is a smaller part in an entire montage of sexiness going down in the series, but she certainly stands out amongst the other naughty and naive ladies of the future. So hopefully Sophia keeps on shining those high beams our way in future projects, because the future with her headlights leading the way are certainly brighter than Aldous Huxley predicted all those years ago!