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Síndrome (2004)

Great Nudity!

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You have two months to live. What do you do? Travel the world, make amends with old friends, spend your savings on hoo-hoo? If you're Javier Albalá, the tumor-in-his-dome anti-hero of Síndrome (2004), here's what you do: scare the holy heck out of your ex, who doesn't appreciate life as much as she ought to. Even though she's got a good gig as a hairdresser in a successful salon, the rest of Adriana Davidova's life is a mess. She spends her days strung out on the hard stuff, stuck in tricky taboo rut with her brother, William Millfser. Javier isn't having any of it—if she gets to live while he has to die, he's going to teach her the value of life. By kidnapping and imprisoning her in a smart collar/leash ensemble, no less! Life! Just say yes!