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Sergio (2020)

Brief Nudity


Sergio (2020) follows a UN diplomat who goes to the recently wartorn Baghdad after the US invasion. Sergio Vieira de Mello comes in on a mission for peace that he hopes will last only a few months, but then he becomes the victim of a bombing. His wife is played by Ana de Armas who sports sexy blonde hair and tight running clothes when she works out. She also has sex with her hubby in a scene that bares her perky boobs and buns. The scene occurs at the 73 minute mark. When Ana has sex with hubby, her breaks and buns are on full display while she rides him. There could be a hint of bush there as well, but it's hard to see in the dark. Rest assured it's enough to get you good and hard though! Diplomacy is best when naked! The consensus on this flick is a bit mixed, as some people think it's a waste of great acting talent while others don't hesitate to point out the multilayered, beautiful story on display. It's much more than a linear storyline, it's an impressive balance of Sergio's ambition and internal issues all mixed up with the backdrop of international relations. It's not an action film, either, it's a story of a purpose-driven man on the journey of becoming his true self. The pace is slow, maybe, but the nuanced world and characters will keep you intrigued throughout the runtime. There also Ana de Armas, which is enough to make any flesh fiend pay close attention!