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Screwed (2000)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Somehow the combined talents of Sarah Silverman, Norm McDonald, Dave Chappelle, and Danny DeVito were not enough to save Screwed (2000) from being a mess. The plot is simple: the disgruntled chauffeur of a wealthy woman kidnaps her dog with the intent of holding it for ransom. Before the ransom can be demanded, the dog gets free and returns home which leads the wealthy woman to believe her chauffeur has been kidnapped.

Screwed offers no nudity and not much skin, but we did find one scene well worth checking out. Sexy Sarah Silverman hits Venice Beach in a bikini top. As she walks down the boardwalk we get to gander at her nice cleavage and flat belly not to mention several other hotties wearing very little in the background. This one scene in Screwed will keep your hand glued to your man zone!