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Scream (2015-2019)

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Nearly two decades after Scream (1996) gave the slasher genre a self-aware metta makeover, comes Scream: The TV Series, MTV's attempt to take the formula to a new serialized format. This time a viral video captured and spread by a cruel popular girl seemingly leads to her demise, unleashing a new wave of terror from a masked slasher hellbent on turning pretty young things into pork chops. Episode three titled "Wanna Play a Game?" offers up the delectable Carlson Young on the menu. This high-heeled blonde hottie struts in a cleavage-baring bra and panties that showcase her big beautiful breasts. After playing naughty on webcam she finds a pair of pink puffy cuffs and unwisely locks herself to her bedpost with a sleeping mask over her eyes! Uh, Carlson, you are aware many of your fellow students have been slashed to death by a serial killer who appears to be striking at random, right? We know you like getting kinky, but is this really the best position? Looks like Ms. Young doesn't want to grow old.