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Sagad Sa Init

Sagad Sa Init (1998)

Great Nudity!

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The Philippines used to import women’s prison movies, but Sagad Sa Init (1988) proves they’re also innovative at softcore crime dramas as well. Jomari Yllana stars as a dancer who’s tapping the awesome ass of politician’s wife Sharmaine Arnaiz. Her husband is doing pretty well for himself with gorgeous mistress Ara Mina--but then Jomari does some double dipping with both Sharmaine and Ara. This results in the politician’s death, with Sharmaine shopping for some vengeance on both her lover and his lover, who used to be her husband’s lover. She really doesn’t have much of a moral high ground. Anyway, Sharmaine’s insane torture of Jomari and Ara will only be equaled by the abuse you’ll heap upon yourself after checking out Ara’s ample abbadabbas. at the 51 minute mark, Mara is lit under some murky lighting while taking a ride on a lucky dude, exposing her fantastic chesticles. We also get a gorgeous look at her nipple beans as her man slides down south of the equator. About 15 minutes later, this hottie looks like she's full-grown when her and her man-friend start getting it on while in a greenhouse. Her rack is beyond belief! Sagad Sa Init will undoubtedly make you want to find your favorite bottle of lube and ready the pause button for an afternoon of pure debauchery. Any flesh fiend will be able to appreciate the nudity in this flick, and the story itself is intriguing enough to keep your mind occupied before the next dirty scene.