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Ruben Guthrie

Ruben Guthrie (2015)

No Nudity


(0:01) GIRLS in bikinis jumping into the pool. (These may be Karen Kopperman & Grace Wallace.) (0:30) Harriet Dyer in bikini swimming underwater. (0:44) A nice photo of some left underboob on Abbey Lee (0:45) Harriet Dyer in a bikini comes out of the ocean. (0:48) Harriet Dyer in the shower having sex but we only see her face. (0:52) Harriet Dyer is riding a guy but in a long black nightgown. (1:11) Harriet Dyer comes out in just a towel. (1:13) Harriet Dyer takes off her T-shirt getting down to her bra which she will remain in for almost the next two minutes.