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Rub (2015)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Rub really is the perfect title for the December 2015 music video from Canadian rocker/performance artist Peaches! You'll be doing lots of rubbing when you get a load not just of a fully nude Peaches, but of all the other beautiful babes who doff their duds in this one! Peaches is a bisexual Canuck musician who was born Merrill Nisker, and actually got her start as a calm, folk musician. By the mid-90's she was a shocking artist who had a performance cut from Top of the Pops for being far too controversial. "Rub" was her sixth studio album, released in September 2015, with "Rub" being the second song on the album that also contained such songs as "Dick in the Air" and "Vaginoplasty." Yes, she's not afraid to get sexual. But even the dirty minds here at Skin Central can't imagine some of the wild stuff in the "Rub" video. From a vagina rock formation to a group golden shower, and even a woman pulling a never ending boa out of her hooha, this one's weird. Supposedly the idea was to create a lesbian sex scene out in the desert that men couldn't get off to. If that's the case, she failed, since we enjoyed every bit of full frontal fantasticness from Rya Kleinpeter, Danni Daniels, Lex Vaughn, and Courtney Trouble, as well as some terrific toplessness from Cinnamon Maxine, Narcissister, and Malice McMunn! Peaches might have thought that from butch and trans to chunky and chocolatey, men wouldn't want women who weren't stereotypical sex kittens. Instead, we get a girl for each of our favorite fetishes to cream to! Better luck next time, Peaches. We'll happily rub one out to the Rub video!