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RM486 (2015)

Great Nudity!

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Rose McGowan has never had a problem pushing the boundaries and showing skin: Between her nonexistent dress at the 1998 MTV VMAs, her full-frontal scene in Wild Rose (2013), and the glandular glimpse she gave us in "Going All the Way," we've seen more than our fair share of Rose's buds. Her very first music video has finally debuted, though, and we get to see her showcase her shakers in the alarming but arousing RM486. She references Blade Runner while she's dressed up as a stark white alien, using Roy Batty's very last words to launch the video into action. Between the plaster she feels off her body and the crazy costumes she dons, it's almost hard to focus on her beautiful bare breasts. Almost, but not quite. We may have seen them before, but Rose McGowan's powdered peaks will have you reaching for your pocket rocket.