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Rosenkavalier (1997)

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Back in 1997 actor Leon Boden set out to produce the first legitimate German mainstream horror movie of the ’90s. Instead of including a role for himself in Rosenkavalier (1997), Boden focused on directing and cast Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famer Stefanie Stappenbeck and the then very popular comedian Esther Schweins as Maxi and Saskia, two sisters who, after having been sexually abused by their father and his friends throughout their childhood, go on a killing spree to take bloody revenge. The girls don’t just shoot or stab their former tormentors--they torture them to death! The only ones still able to stop the murderous sisters are a cop (Tyron Ricketts), who fell in love with Maxi after she stripped down to her bare essentials right in front of him, and their imprisoned mother (Judy Winter).