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Queer as Folk

Queer as Folk (2022)

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Queer as Folk (2022) is a reboot of the gay classic that everyone fell in love with in the very early 2000s. The show that was initially British and then remade in America is enjoying yet another remake for generation Z! In this version, a group of young gay friends who love to party and live it up in their gay community support one another after a horrible tragedy hits their community. They overcome with love, light, and lots of joy - oh, and sex! Kim Cattrall plays Brenda and CG plays Shar who have a lesbian sexy scene together as the pair makeout. Katie Ward is simply billed as "Naked Woman" who bares her boobs in a porno that gets rough onscreen. Jesse James Keitel plays Ruthie and this sexy trans actress has A LOT of nude scenes. She masturbates with a pink dildo in one scene - totally nude and letting us check out her round breasts - when her partner walks in and is amused before she walks out and lets Jesse continue. In one scene, Jesse gets banged from behind. She is bent forward, but when she leans back to kiss her partner we see a great full-frontal shot of Jesse's breasts and her cock. These girls really are Queer as Folk!