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Paycheck (2003)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Based on a Philip K. Dick short story, the sci-fi thriller Paycheck (2003) co-stars Ben Affleck as Michael Jennings, a reverse engineer that has recently lost his short term memory. The partial amnesiac soon learns that he has been involved in some super secret work for the past few years, earning him an eight figure salary! When he tries to claim his bundle of cash, he learns that not everything is not what it seems. In an odd twist of fate, Michael finds himself being hunted and arrested by Klein (Michael C. Hall), a dedicated and determined FBI agent. While the dumbfounded engineer is charged with treason and murder, he enlists the help of his sweetie Rachel (Uma Thurman) to restore his memory and clear his name of any wrong doing. Paycheck doesn’t give us any nude pay off. But with the help of Skin Vision, you’ll get an ample heaping of cleavage from Kathryn Morris while she shares a monitored moment of making out with Affleck. Unfortunately for us, Uma Thurman doesn’t pay it forward with her plentiful pair, but she does have difficulty keeping her hard nips from poking out of her shirt. Every day is pay day when Uma’s pointer sisters are aroused!