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Overdrive (2017)

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Overdrive (2017) kicks the action way into overdrive with its story of two brothers who are car thieves. But Andrew (Scott Eastwood) and Garret (Freddie Thorp) aren't your typical crooks boosting Civics from before they were born, these fellas specialize in the highest of high end supercars. You know, the super powerful ones that blow dude's minds and women's panties away? But when they swipe the wrong dude's Bugatti, French crime boss Jacomo Morier (Simon Abkarian) says they'd better grab him a 39 million dollar Ferrari from his crime rival Max Kemp (Clemens Schick) or he'll put a bullet in the back of their skulls. From there, this one's a car theft caper with a twist: since they don't like to be threatened, our grand theft auto bros are going to steal all of Jacomo's cars instead! If this hugely reminiscent of Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) flick inspires you to get jacked, put on a badass leather jacket, and start jacking rich dude's rides, it's likely because you couldn't stop jacking it to the brother's obscenely erotic women. Your sex drive will be over the tip watching this one since the amazing Ana De Armas and her gorgeous gal pale Gaia Weiss are the brother's favorite toys. Those hotties could stop any car in its tracks with their picture perfect bodies that we see in one beach scene. In the best scene of post-GTA T&A, these girls walk in their their bikinis across the beach, letting the sun hit their curves in all the right spots. We sure wish what we saw was under those suits in Overdrive! Maybe even get an over the pants HJ? After watching Overdrive, Mr. Skin wants to take these ladies to the backseat of his car for a real ride!