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Mystère Alexina

Mystère Alexina (1985)

Great Nudity!


Mystere Alexina (1985) is a French romantic drama about Alexina, a young woman in the mid-19th Century who returns to her home village after being raised by nuns. Her deeply religious upbringing has taught her about sin and desire, and she must fight against both when she finds herself falling in love with her roommate (Valerie Stroh). Though their love is forbidden, they cannot help themselves, and it isn't long before they seek to marry. But Alexina hides a deep, dark secret, even from her lover, that threatens to betray their union.  All of the nudity comes courtesy of Valerie Stroh as the roommate, which turns out to be a good thing since the film's big twist is that Alexina is actually a dude anyway. Valerie's vivacious and perky peepers make several appearances, first as she undresses in front of her roommate for the first time, and then as they give in to their desires and she unleashes her lobbers for her new lover. Valerie will have you Stroh-king in no time!