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Mother's Boys

Mother's Boys (1994)

Great Nudity!

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We’ve heard of breasts being called “The Girls” but never Mother’s Boys (1994). Still, that doesn’t mean we’re not eager to view the boobs on this film’s comely cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer and Vanessa Redgrave. Alas, only Ms. Curtis flashes her rack. But, oh, what a rack! In fact, the sexy starlet puts the thrills into this thriller. The R rated flick follows Judith “Jude” Madigan (Curtis) who abandons her husband (Peter Gallagher) and three sons (Luke Edwards, Colin Ward and Joey Zimmerman) without any explanation. Three years later, she returns to reunite her family only to find her hubby has a chubby for Callie Harland (Whalley-Kilmer). And after checking out Joanne’s fit figure, we can hardly blame him! Not only is Callie a beauty on the outside, she’s brainy on the inside. As such, she sees Jude for the psychopath she is — especially since the mother wants to seduce her own kids! As the plot proceeds, many surprises arise just like the pants on fans. In other words, it’s nice to see Jamie being naughty! And even nicer to get a look at the stunner’s sudsy butt. But get ready to hit freeze frame fast because the skintastic sight doesn’t last long. If that’s not arousing enough, the naked babe also lets us see her left breast before she slips into the bath. Rub a dub dub! Despite its unpopularity with critics and audiences alike, we like this pic since it showcases Jamie Lee’s side mam. Oh mama!