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Monsieur Lecoq

Monsieur Lecoq (1967)

Brief Nudity


Literally translated, Monsieur Le Coq means “Mr. Rooster”, though Mr. Skin finds the French nomenclature infinitely more amusing. This particular monsieur is a master of mystery, an ex-con who now enforces the laws he once defied. In 1967, Columbia Pictures decided to bring Le Coq to the masses with a big-budget movie adaptation starring Fiddler on the Roof funnyman Zero Mostel; filming began in November 1967, but was suspended after just five weeks. Production was supposed to restart in the spring of 1968, but, mysteriously, was never resumed. Luckily, among the footage that survived this celluloid Hindenberg is a scene featuring Julie Newmar, that redheaded mistress of enchantment better known as Catwoman, baring boobs and slick, supple butt as she takes a bubble bath. Monsieur Le Coq will make you choke your chicken.