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Miranda (2002)

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Miranda (2002) is a darling little romantic comedy and thriller that stars a young and sexy Christina Ricci as the titular Miranda. Marc Munden directs this passionate film about a quiet male librarian who starts a salacious affair with a mystery woman who walks into the library one day. He becomes smitten with her and sleeps with her, but she disappears one day out of nowhere. Where has she gone?! He has some ideas. He then travels all the way to London to track her down, but he finds out that she was never who she said she was. He finds multiple different identities for this woman named Miranda: a dancer, a dominatrix, and a thieving con woman. Which one is the real woman that he fell for or does she exist at all? We don't really care what her "profession" is because we would definitely travel to London to track down Christina Ricci. Who could resist those big, beautiful doll-like eyes of hers or that huge rack that she stuffs so perfectly into tight-fitting sweaters and wiggle dresses? Christina brings Miranda to life and has us drooling over this mysterious woman who drives this librarian wild. We could read her like a book as well! She gets banged to gospel music in the background which is appropriate because seeing Christina's legs up in the air is a real religious experience. Or should we say sexperience? We love watching any and all sexperiences that involve the always beautiful and renowned sexpert, Christina Ricci