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Ein Fall für den Fuchs - Das Spiel ist aus

Ein Fall für den Fuchs - Das Spiel ist aus (2006)

Brief Nudity


When an unscrupulous yuppie’s father dies he sets out to overturn the will so he can take control of a house his father set up as a home and work place for homeless people. He wants to vacate the house and sell it, and an expensive painting housed within it, for a big profit. While he and his team work to carry out their plan, Karen (Claudia Michelsen), an insurance agent discovers their plan and plots to stop them.

One of the best weapons at Claudia’s disposal is her fantastic ass. We get a couple of zipper popping shots of it as she works hard to prevent the bad guys from closing the homeless house. You will find yourself freeing the little man in your pants from his house when you watch Claudia get on top of a guy and grind away. With some great crackage she works her hips like a pro and rides him into the mattress. Later, Claudia takes her fight to the floor and tackles a guy. Her dress flies up and her panty clad cheeks make a quick appearance. Her rump roast looks so fine you will find yourself salivating at the mere sight of it. Insurance has never been this asstastic or badass!