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Me Myself I

Me Myself I (1999)

Great Nudity!


Me Myself I (1999) is a romance about a character played by Rachel Griffiths. She’s unhappy. She’s alone. On her birthday, she stumbles upon an old picture of an ex who had proposed to her many years ago. What if she had said yes? Then, this being a movie, a freak accident causes Rachel to relive that moment and relive her life, but you already know that’s not going to work out the way she thought it would. What we thought is that Rachel’s big boobs would be on constant display. If we had to live our life watching this movie again, that’s what we would do, because she don’t show those big girls here. There’s cleavage galore, but a man wants a nipple to put all that soft flesh in perspective. She does flash ass, so there’s that.