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Maria's Lovers

Maria's Lovers (1984)

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When her damaged former sweetums, John Savage, finally returns home from World War II, Maria (Nastassja Kinski) is ready, willing, and nubile, and she's thrilled to become the hottest bride in the newly free world. But nothing comes easy for the characters in Maria's Lovers (1984)—their wedding night is a mess thanks to John's cracked brain, which is full of memories of a Japanese POW camp. Seems he survived by dreaming of dreamy Nat back when she was still his best girl, and he can't get his head around the breast woman she's become. John just can't come to accept her new libidinous zest, and, alas, he keeps coming up short in bed. Nat does her best to stand by her man despite the interest of most of mankind in her one-of-a-kind beauty, but when traveling music man Keith Carradine comes along, singing a song, the marriage looks like it might just come undone. If you're looking for art with a few naughty parts, you've come to the right place: Step right up and sneak a wee peek of Nat's love mat, and if you like that, stick around to see her right tat!