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Mall (2014)

Brief Nudity

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The lives of five angst-ridden, disaffect suburbanites unexpectedly intertwine in the drama Mall (2014). Directed by Linkin Park noisemaker Joe Hahn, the gritty flick follows Mal (James Frecheville), a desperate dude who is done with his worthless life, so his fills a bag of weapons and crudely-made bombs and heads to the titular location to make a final and violent statement. While at the mall, Mal crosses paths with Jeff (Cameron Monaghan), a pot smoking teenager who dwells in a dreary existence; Donna (Gina Gershon), a haggard and somber housewife that has a bleak future ahead of her; Danny (Vincent D’Onofrio), a greedy businessman who only wants to amass more wealth; and Barry (Peter Stormare), a depressed and shady pervert. Pretty much sounds like a normal day at any mall across the globe. Between all the gun fire, explosions, murder, and pseudo-existentialist babble, Gina Gershon shows off her bra and panty-clad body in multiple scenes, while Kimberly Kane busts out of a television set to show off her rack and rug, quickly followed by the breast-baring addition of Shayna Lee Lefur. The gals of Mall will have you emptying out your balls!