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Making of 2002 Sofia Vergara Calendar

Making of 2002 Sofia Vergara Calendar (2002)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


You've got to be pretty sexy for dudes to want to look at your picture everyday for an entire month. Sofia Vergara definitely fits the bill for the 31 days of thrills. But if you're thinking about her as the ultra-MILFy mom of Manny, Gloria on Modern Family, we're here to tell you she was even sexier seven years before that show premiered, during her modeling days. To confirm that fact and get yourself firm in the process, have a look at her tight behind in the behind the scenes footage from Making of 2002 Sofia Vergara Calendar (2002). Back when she was just a Colombian model, the jamambo-mammed Sofia poses and preens through a tropical photo shoot where she models tiny thongs and skimpy skivvies. Her bursting bikini biscuits get wet as she poses on the beach, before the top comes off and she's left with nothing but her hands to hide her hooters. While those are kind of normal poses, a little later and Sofia shows the full moon when she presses her naked body against a man in a gorilla suit. Gorillas live in the mountains, not the beach, but we doubt the dude with her humongous hills pressed against is body was going to point that out! This thing sold for big money on Ebay when Sofia blew up on American television, and it's not hard to see why! When figuring out if it's the twentieth or the twenty-first has your pecker pumped up and about to burst, you'll know why this calendar is still in demand! You've got a date with your hand watching the Making of 2002 Sofia Vergara Calendar