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Major League

Major League (1989)

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Most 80's and 90's baseball movies are tearjerkers that wax poetic about the history of the game, or the unique bond so many fathers and sons have formed because of it. Then, there's Major League (1989). Written and directed by the screenwriter of The Sting (1973), this clever and hilarious take on life as a pro ball player concerns a Vegas Showgirl (Margaret Whitton) who inherits ownership of the Cleveland Indians after the wealthy geezer she marries kicks the bucket. When she finds out that if the games have poor enough attendance she can move the team to the cooler, and way warmer climate of Miami, she fills the roster with a bunch of losers and weirdos in an attempt to start a losing streak that'll have fans fleeing in droves. Led by manager turned tire store owner turned manager again Lou Brown (James Gammon), we watch a band of misfits, including the fresh out of Federal penitentiary with a wicked fastball that he can't control pitcher Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn (Charlie Sheen), the way over the hill catcher with the shot knees hoping for one last shot, Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger), the pretty boy third baseman more concerned with looking good than winning, Roger Dorn, (Corbin Bernsen), the voodoo obsessed Cuban slugger who can't hit the curve, Pedro Cerrano (Dennis Haysbert), and the fast base runner who can't hit the ball at all, Willie Mays Hays (Wesley Snipes) try to make it in the MLB. Sure enough this ragtag group of baseball players struggle at first, but soon they're coming together to spoil the former Showgirl's plans. What's wild is the shocking lack of nudity in this R-rated eighties flick, with only a sliver of side-butt shown by Stacy Carroll as she gets dressed. That's barely Triple A T&A! There's also a cardboard cutout of Margaret Whitton that the team undresses after every big win, up until the cutout is only wearing a thong and pasties. That'd motivate us, but as soon as we realized we weren't going to see Miss Whitton's tits, it'd be a Major League disappointment.