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Look Away

Look Away (2018)

Great Nudity!

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India Eisley proved the Skin apple doesn't fall far from the skin kin tree with her work in the mindbending thriller Look Away (2018). India plays Maria, an anti-social teen with a plastic surgeon dad (Jason Isaacs) who wants to give her cosmetic surgery for her birthday, and whose former popular girl mom (Mira Sorvino) won't shut up about how she'd really like her daughter to go to prom. So, it's safe to say she's going through some stuff. When she finds an old ultrasound that weirdly shows two babies in the womb, then sees an evil reflection of herself in the mirror that doesn't move the way she's moving, her life takes a dark new turn. Suddenly, the mirror is calling herself Airam (Maria backwards) and telling her they can switch places for a while, so that Airam can fix everything in Maria's life. But when part of that plan involves murder, things take a turn to the super sinister. A bit of a nip-o-baby, India Eisley's mother is Olivia Hussey, who famously made her nude debut via a very controversial scene in Romeo and Juliet (1968). Lucky for us, this flick was the one where India matched momma muff for muff! India starts us out with a non-nude masturbation scene while she sits on the bathroom counter in a towel, then escalates to topless in the tub just 8 minutes later. She eventually goes full frontal as she creepily marches towards her dad in a threatening manner. Then we see Eisley, whose easily the hottest girl in the movie, bent over and demanding her dude do her harder! Amazing stuff! India Eisley is no eyesore!  Kiera Johnson gets in on the action too, when Jason Isaacs gives her an exam and tells her that the tatas have gotten a bit saggy. Look great to us. In fact, our hands can lift them back into place! With all that awesomeness, you won't be able to Look Away!