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London Fields

London Fields (2018)

Brief Nudity


Based on a famous mystery novel of the same name that was published in 1989, London Fields (2018) is a sleek and sexy thriller about a clairvoyant young woman named Nicola Six (Amber Heard) whose special ability come with an annoying caveat: she can only see how people are going to die. Eventually, things get really interesting when she starts getting visions of her own murder. Nicola ends up in a pub and realizes one of three dudes there will be the one to kill her. But is it the rich guy (Theo James), the darts playing crook (Jim Sturgess) or the struggling writer (Billy Bob Thornton). Looking to figure out which it is, she decides to have a love affair with all three different men, using her tight bottom to get to the bottom of things. Critics loathed this one, but that's not why it's best known. Johnny Depp has a bit role as Sturgess' darts opponent, but actually did everything he could, including threatening lawsuits, to get Heard's birthday suit scenes cut from the flick. And, it took nearly four years to be released after Heard was sued by the production company for, apparently, not promoting it like she was contractually obligated to. We guess, Johnny didn't have the sway he thought he did because all mystery aside, Amber Heard has heard us loud and clear when it comes to showing us some skin. Sorry Jack Sparrow, but you can't stop us from jacking it to this golden haired goddess! This incredibly vampy vixen looks amazing when she shows off her long legs in a dress, and some cleavage in almost every outfit she wears. She is the ultimate femme fatale when she walks around in an open button-down shirt, black panties, and sexy stockings. She just keeps teasing us until she takes off her robe, showing the slightest side boob as well as her perky buns. That ass is amazing! She could make a porta potty out of our California King if once we'd made up, she let us play with that thing! London bridge is falling down, but something in your pants is going up when you see London Fields