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Le propre de l'homme

Le propre de l'homme (1996)

Brief Nudity


What happens when a flick from the 60s is remade 30 years later? There’s a chance for nudity! And the bonus is that Le propre de l’homme (1996) is French, so there’s bound to be some nekkid baguettes bouncing around! In this made-for-TV version of the original 1961 feature, man meets woman, man courts woman, woman lets man sex her up in the bedroom. Sounds simple enough, but get a look at it from multiple perspectives and you’ll decide that life would be much easier (and more fun!) if everyone just looked at T&A on Mr. Skin!

Foxy Frenchie Emmanuelle Laborit stars as one half of the couple, and thank goodness, because she’s the only half we want to see in the buff! She’s nubile and nude in her sex scene, showing her new friend her fantastic rack and bedroom ninja skills. Will they last as a couple? Who knows, but with a naked bod and sex like that, France can teach the world a lot about courting!