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La dernière femme

La dernière femme (1976)

Great Nudity!

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Gérard Depardieu gives his all for La Dernière femme (1976), which loosely translates as The Last Woman. It’s certainly Depardieu’s last, as he cuts off his pecker at the climax of this disturbing film. But before that happens, he picks up his toddler at daycare and then picks up his child’s daycare worker. She’s played by the sultry Ornella Muti, who’s introduced with the little fellow sucking on her big pair. Depardieu asks if he can have a taste, which incredibly enough gets Ornella to come home with him and proceed in a torrid tryst with baby dearest ogling the action. Well, the family that lays together stays (damaged) together. Ornella isn’t shy about exposing her sweet Italian pastries, but it's Depardieu who can’t keep his Napoleon in his pants. He even talks to it. Viewers may wish that he talked more to his son, like, “Go to your room so Daddy can boff his girl without the unpleasant kiddie-porn subtext.”