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Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Brunette Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 4

Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas, US

Date of Birth: 11/03/53

Real Name: Kathleen Sue Nail

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A Little Sex (1982) Sexy, sexy 00:29:00 As Kate gets it on with Otter, you can just about make her kahunas out behind a row of candles, but you need some imagination... (38 secs)
The Love Letter (1999) Nude, butt 00:49:00 Blurry's better than nothin', kids, especially when it come to a view of Kate's kiester. (10 secs)
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'Twas a time when Kate Capshaw was considered a real comer--particularly by skin-seekers. Her delicious derriere first intrigued audiences in the minor hit A Little Sex (1982), while Capshaw did some bedazzling jiggling immediately thereafter in Dreamscape (1984). It was on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) that captivating Kate met über-director Steven Spielberg, whom she later married. Lucky guy! Spielberg was no doubt similarly captivated by his leading lady's generous swath of cleavage (which he so lovingly focused on in the production). That cleavage made a fleeting appearance in the 1987 western The Quick and the Dead, but it was long enough for us to shoot our six-inch guns in Kate's direction. We would have emptied the whole cartridge had we known that Capshaw Kate was hanging up her own guns. Since becoming Mrs. Spielberg in 1991, Kate's skindeavors have been noticeably few and far between, the exception being a derriere dolly-in and a frame full of floppies in the romance The Love Letter (1999), though it must be noted that she gets memorably lesbianic with super-duper model Elle Macpherson in the mini-series A Girl Thing (2001). Sadly, the cameras that would no longer capture Kate in the buff would no longer capture Kate. We know, it's really sad. 2002's Due East is her most recent onscreen credit. We understand: you don't want for work when you're married to a billionaire. At least Steven is still getting regular doses of Kate's capsules. That means somebody is.


The Love Letter (1999) - as Helen

Nude, butt 00:49:00 Blurry's better than nothin', kids, especially when it come to a view of Kate's kiester. (10 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:11:00 It's dark when she lays down, closes her eyes, then reaches for the lighswitch and... Nip-Slip! VICTORY!!! (11 secs)

The Quick and the Dead (1987) - as Susanna McKaskel

Dreamscape (1984) - as Jane DeVries

Nude, breasts 00:57:00 Euro Version only! A very quick shot of her right boob when Quaid opens her shirt in a dream sequence. Cut from the US print! (24 secs)

A Little Sex (1982) - as Katherine

Nude, butt 00:10:00 Kate flashes some ass very quickly while running from Tim Matheson after stuffing a pancake down his underwear. If it seems funny, it's because it is... (13 secs)

TV Shows

A Girl Thing (2001) - as Casey Montgomery

Nude, breasts, butt Brief glimpse of buns while on top of Elle, then right breast when laying next to her in bed. (50 secs)

Black Tie Affair - as Margo Cody

The Edge of Night - as Jinx Avery Mallory #1

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