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Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes (2021)

No Nudity


Just Say Yes (2021) is a Dutch romantic comedy that is filled with drama, laughter, and sexy women. Need we say more? We will, but we thought that that might be titillating enough for viewers to just press play on Just Say Yes ASAP. As for the plot of this charming movie: we follow a perfectionist and hopeless romantic named Lotte. Lotte has spent her entire life dreaming about her big day. She has always wanted a gorgeous, princess-like wedding and is starting to plan one for herself when her selfish younger sister also gets engaged and steals all of her glory. Lotte is played by Yolanthe Cabau who shows up in her bra in one scene where she takes her shirt off while on top and in another where she poses in her black lingerie on a couch. Kim-Lian van der Meij plays Guusji who is a flirty little hottie who tries to seduce her hubby by putting on a leotard with a plunging neckline and roaming around their living room in her rollerskates. Pip Pellens will put some pep in your pants when you watch her play Kim. In one scene, this mousey blonde gets caught having sex with someone that she shouldn't. She caught red-handed - or red-bra-ed because she is just wearing a red bra. Nienke Plas plays Pam who sleeps in her push-up bra and wakes up startled in the morning to show us her lean stomach and cleavage. 

We hope there's a sequel to this movie and that next time around all of these gorgeous girls Just Say Yes to more nudity.