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Just Go with It

Just Go with It (2011)

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Adam Sandler convinces Jennifer Aniston to pretend to be his wife, so the hot young girl he's banging on the beach, Brooklyn Decker won't discover that he creepily wears a fake wedding ring to pick up chicks in the romantic comedy Just Go With It (2011). Yes, just to be clear, Adam Sandler is dating Brooklyn Decker, but ultimately ends up with Jennifer Aniston. What a joke! Actually, this chucklefest is a remake of the equally if not more ridiculous film Cactus Flower (1969), where Walter Matthau is dating Goldie Hawn but ends up with Ingrid Bergman all over his prick. Okay, that' it, Mr. Skin's about to steal the idea from the Sandman and become a fake wedding band man!  Sandler plays Danny Maccabee, a plastic surgeon who botches his dead wife wedding ring move and has to convince the young hottie he just hooked up with (Brooklyn Decker) that he's divorcing a fake woman named Devlin (Jennifer Aniston), who's actually his secretary Katherine. Soon enough, Danny's scheme ends up with all of them vacationing together in Hawaii, where Danny starts to fall out of love with the young blonde and into love with his fake wife and fake kids. Tons of Sandler's hanger ons are in this one, most notable Nick Swardson as the guy pretending to be Devlin's new wife, but weirdly so is Nicole Kidman, who plays Aniston's former enemy. At one point, Kidman, Aniston and the BBW Lorna Scott all face off in a bra and grass skirt hula contest. Brooklyn sits that one out, but she's more than happy to show her bikini body throughout the Hawaiian vacation, including a yellow one where Brooklyn shows a very humpable camel toe! Bikinis? Grass skirts? Come on girls, just go with tit!