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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones (2015-2019)

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Before Disney Plus became a thing, Netflix was making all sorts of shows set in the Marvel Universe. The first was Daredevil, but we dare you to tell us Jessica Jones wasn't the better show. After all, you might have wanted to be Matt Murdock, but he didn't do much for your cock. Meanwhile, every man wanted to jump the bones of Jessica Jones. Based on the "Alias" comic books, the show debuted in 2015 and follows Jessica, (Krysten Ritter) who was once a superhero and still has some super strength and can fly a little bit but quit the saving people thing after a terrible tragedy. Now she's trying to establish her own private detective agency and keep her life together despite substance abuse issues and having to live in a world full of supervillians. Staying focused on her job proves to be nearly impossible when the evil Kilgrave (David Tennant), who she thought was dead, shows back up and viewers realize Jessica's all messed up because he once manipulated her into killing one of his enemies. Jessica is dark, dry, sarcastic, witty, and relatable, making for one of the most interesting superhero shows we've seen so far. Critically acclaimed for its fresh and authentic take on sexuality during its three-season run, there is plenty of steamy content to be seen, though not much skin. Everyone's favorite pale piece of tail, we get to see Ritter strip down to her skivvies several times and watch her initiate sexy time with a bartender. But nothing beats seeing her use her powers to go for a powerful, bed breaking ride on top of a dude, even if we see bare back but no rack. Still, Jessica Jones has some sensual moans! Before she was making dude crazy with her work on The BoysErin Moriarty was looking super while clad in nothing but her underwear while being carried out of a room. On this show, Trinity was into titty since there are a few scenes where Carrie Ann Moss makes out with women like Sarita Choudhury. There's lots more skin, but the only woman willing to do actual nudity was Rachael Taylor. Not only do we see the gorgeous blonde getting eaten out, then working out, but we get a bit of tit when she's riding a dude on a couch, and we catch from sideboob. Super hot! With all those beautiful women, Jessica Jones was Marvel-lous to look at!