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One passing glance at the inky black hair, sweet and deep chocolate eyes, and skin like burnished copper is enough to know that Sarita Choudhury is a truly exotic woman, but her looks are only half of it. Sarita's unique perspective and presentation must in part result from her unusual background--she was born half-Indian, half-English in London, raised in Jamaica, Mexico, and Italy and studied economics at Queens College in Ontario, Canada. Her first film role was as an Indian immigrant to the American South in Mississippi Masala (1992). Sarita, through long exposure to multi-culturalism, quickly picked up the American custom of allowing her breast to pop into focus during a naked love scene with her clenching co-star. Choudhury returned to her Indian roots as an object of sexual veneration in Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996). All the dark mystery and musky allure of the Indian continent are revealed. But why did the ancients of that land need to write a sex manual? One passing glance at the inky depths of cleavage, butt crack, and bush, and any half-attentive skinthusiast would know exactly what to do.

Top Scenes

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996) Nude, breasts, bush 01:33:00 A bush grows in India. And it's between Sarita's legs. Dive into her hefty hoots, too, as Indira Varma does some super-hot exploring. Who knew hair-pie was an Indian dish? (1 min 19 secs)
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996) Nude, breasts, butt 00:26:00 Looky! Looky! Boobs on rookie! We see Sarita's sacks during her awkward first crack at sex. You can almost hear the pop! (1 min 4 secs)
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996) Nude, breasts 01:19:00 Step up for some sweet cleave and nifty nips as Sarita gets groped by a nasty (and damn lucky) doctor. She seems to be enthusiastic about her check-up. (36 secs)
A Hologram for the King (2015) Nude, breasts 01:23:52 Some nice looks at Sarita's breasts as Tom Hanks gives her the hot beef injection! (36 secs)
The House of the Spirits (1993) Nude, breasts 00:17:00 Jeremy Irons pulls her off a horse and, in a very non-gentlemanly fashion, rips open her shirt to reveal springy, sproingy, swinging sweatermeat! Boi-oi-oing! (28 secs)
Mississippi Masala (1992) Sexy Sarita Choudhury is skintastic in this sexy scene! (24 secs)
Mississippi Masala (1992) Nude, breasts 01:11:00 Sarita offers up a few fleeting flashes of tit while rolling around in bed with Denzel Washington, who manages to take a taste-test on one... Lucky dude... (1 min 4 secs)
A Hologram for the King (2015) Nude, breasts 01:27:30 Pretending to be a man, Sarita swims topless with Tom Hanks! (2 mins 1 sec)


A Hologram for the King (2015) - as Dr. Zahra Hakeem

The House of the Spirits (1993) - as Pancha

Mississippi Masala (1992) - as Meena

TV Shows

100 Centre Street - as Julia Brooks

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