Sometimes in the wake of CGI nudity and the Jennifer Aniston bait-and-switch that was Wanderlust, it’s easy to get a little down. But then we pick ourselves back up by the seat of our pants and remember all the good things that are happening like Sarah Silverman making good on her full-frontal debut, and actresses that we never expected to get nude like Kristen Stewart, Ashley Hinshaw, and Olivia Munn blowing us away with surprise skin.

It’s in that positive light that we bring you news of Jennifer Aniston’s latest role as a stripper that doesn’t strip in We're the Millers. Reports are already out the she’s been using a semi-clad body double for her stunts, but she did do some exotic dancing of her own on the pole.

When asked to rate her pole dancing skills, director Rawson Marshall Thurbersays:

"One to 10? An 11. I gotta say I was blown away," he says, admitting he believes the film will get an R rating for multiple reasons. "What she was able to pull off, literally and figuratively, was nothing short of astonishing and glorious."

Keep your chin up, Skin fans, and remember the time when Vanessa Hudgens’s panty-clad strip tease in The Frozen Ground slipped out a hint of fertile lower lippage!