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Island Rhythms

Island Rhythms (2003)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Some people don’t like “couples tapes,” you know, that porn-friendly fare for men and women, that is women who usually don’t get off on porn. Some men prefer their sex alone. Mr. Skin doesn’t judge, but what harm is there in watching sexy scenarios with your lady? Imagine the possibilities. Certainly there are many that come up in Island Rhythms (2003), which takes place in a tropical Caribbean paradise. Yes, there’s a plot, but, really, do you need to know what it is? No, of course you don’t. Far more crucial to your carnal enjoyment is the fact that star Skye Ashton and a bevy of beautiful island girls—Marie Jade Caren, Amber Griebel, Valérie Pronovost, and Nicola Stephenson—all get down to a little (oh, hell, a lot) of sex on the beach. And, no, that’s not the drink, but you’ll find it quite intoxicating.