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Inheritance (2017)

Brief Nudity

Inheritance (2017) this drama follows a woman whose estranged father has died. She returns to her childhood home of Belize along with her brother and boyfriend where she faces her past and lets it collide with her present. The gorgeous Jessica Kaye is clearly going through some tough stuff in this movie, but her body doesn't let that show. She sits on the floor in her panties in one scene before she starts making love, letting us see slips of right nip as her panties are taken down. We just miss seeing her bush and we are drooling over this missed opportunity! In another scene that shows Jess in her pretty panties, she has her shirt unbuttoned by her boyfriend as she drunkenly strips down to her bra. Again the panties are pulled off, but still no bush! She continues this trend when she gets on top of her guy in her bra and panties until they are rudely interrupted by a party pooper. Jessica strips down to her skivvies to get into a stream, letting us get a peek at her chest pups before she gets in. Finally, we get to see a hint of her bush through some fabric when she lies down in bed in white panties. The guy she is with squeezes her left tit over her shirt to show plenty of cleavage. His hand moves down to her panties and there it finally is! A hint of her downstairs fur! 


Jessica Kaye

Nude - as MaraSexy, breasts, underwear

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