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In the Sign of the Gemini

In the Sign of the Gemini (1975)

Great Nudity!

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Packed with tits, ass, hardcore sex, aphrodisiacs, full-frontal nudity, lesbians, and steam baths, the Danish sex comedy In the Sign of the Gemini (1975) tells the story of rival record producers Anthon Master (Ole Søltoft) and Ulrik Ulvenstein (Preben Mahrt) as they vie to sign sexy Scandinavian chanteuse Dolores Rossi (Cia Löwgren). But there's a big twist in this tit filled flick. Ulrik decides he's going to kidnap the record studio owner of "Master Records" Anthon Master to make that happen, but didn't count on Master having a secret identical twin brother! Plot twist! The only one who manages to figure it out is the women he was sleeping with. Thot twist! Oh yes, even though he's been kidnapped the secret twin isn't going to turn down a chance for sex with the hottest pop star in the country. And even those it's an identical twin, she's not gonna not let him get it in! Hey girl, what's your sign? Who cares about cheesy pickup lines when you can pick up a copy of this one and have a glimpse at some of the hottest sex kittens of the 1970's? But this is no shower scene with a bit of funbag flashing, In the Sign of the Gemini lets us see the mysterious third eye! Oh yes, at one point Anne Bie Warburg goes totally nude, spread eagle as she pleasure herself on a bed in a scene that's as explicit as can Bie. Not content with lying on her back as she pleasures the Pisces, Anne flips over and shows the butthole as she works on herself from behind! Hole-y moley is that some hot stuff! Miss Löwgren also shows her hooters during a game of strip poker, but doesn't let us get a glimpse of the Virgo vag, just the Aries pairies. Those two scenes are absolute gems in In the Sign of the Gemini!