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In Secret

In Secret (2013)

Brief Nudity


Mr. Skin has a love-hate realtionship with period pieces. On the one hand, all the ladies wear way too many clothes with high collars and so many layers of skirts. They can also be a bit on the prudish side. On the other hand, the undergarments are almost non-existent, so once you start peeling, there's a lot of juicy flesh instantly waiting beneath thin, white, cotton dressing gowns. And also? Period pieces have a lot of secret love affairs and trists and whatnot. Case in point, the film In Secret (2013), which is set in Paris in 1860 (it's not in French, no subtitles, no need to panic). The cast is a semi-odd collection of random stars you wouldn't normally see ganged together. Jessica Lange is an overbearing mom to Tom Felton (aka Potter's nemesis Draco Malfoy), who is married to his cousin, Elizabeth Olsen (sister to the famous twin duo). Oscar Isaac is the guy that Elizabeth's character Thérèse gets naked for, as she indulges in her carnal side outside her marriage, seeing as how Draco is something of a dead fish in bed. While you don't get to see any full frontal nudity in this film, you do get a pretty peek at Elizabeth's pretty peak as she dives into Oscar. There's also a terrific against-the-wall scene involving the two that is positively inspirational. As a bonus, if you ever wondered what it would sound like if an Olsen girl growled, this movie is your ticket to find out. Grrr. She might be a bear.