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No Nudity

This German TV series is a late follow-up to five extremely popular movies that were released cinematically between 1955 and 1974 and starred the late Heidi Brühl. The series, however, turned out to be a big disappointment, which is why it was stopped after only ten unsuccessful episodes. What the movies and the series had in common was a basic story that centered on the events on a horse farm.  Nudity Report: No nudity here, but two of the actresses involved in Immenhof went on to star in better and more revealing productions. Angela Roy showed her breasts and a little bit of blurry monster bush while getting out of a swimming pool in the made for TV flick Die Traumprinzen, while Eva Habermann provided mesmerizing looks at her sweet A-cups on various occasions, including an episode of the international sci-fi series Lexx: The Dark Zone.


Angela Roy

Eva Meyer-Amden

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