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I'm Obsessed with You

I'm Obsessed with You (2014)

No Nudity

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The full title of this film is I'm Obsessed with You (But You've Got to Leave Me Alone) (2014) which is actually longer than its premise. The film follows a college improv group who decide to be more spontaneous in their everyday lives by applying the improv adage of "yes and" to their daily existence. They live in the moment more and all that, but unfortunately, none of them decide to get nude! That's a real bummer too, because this film has got some hot babes in it! Rachel Brosnahan and Genevieve Adams both show off some nice cleavage a few times, and they spend a few scenes in a bikini! Marguerite Imbert also looks stunning in her bra, and another woman even comments on how great her breasts are, without us ever seeing them. What kind of a tease is that?