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Hurra - Die Schwedinnen sind da

Hurra - Die Schwedinnen sind da (1978)

Great Nudity!


Hurra – Die Schwedinnen sind da (1978) is a German sex comedy about Nick Moser, a womanizer who strikes a deal with the Mayor. The Mayor allows Moser to take out a loan in order to open up a hotel. In return, Nick is required to marry the Mayor’s daughter, Marianne. Neither Nick nor Marianne are excited about the wedding, and Nick plans to put off the debt repayment as long as possible. Digging himself even deeper into trouble, Nick invites the help of five Swedish people staying in the hotel, and some sensuous results occur.

Bea Fiedler plays Iris. She has a bathtub scene where she’s talking on the phone and showing off her tatas. There are more opportunities to catch them as she’s running through a field with nothing but some panties and stockings on. Renate Langer, playing Antje, also shows off her fine chest a number of times, with added sides of muff and butt to complement. Who wouldn’t shout Hurra! when the Swedes are here?