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Hostel: Part III

Hostel: Part III (2011)

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The Hostel franchise comes home to the USA in the straight-to-video sequel Hostel: Part III (2011). Directed by longtime Sam Raimi buddy and collaborator Scott Spiegel, Las Vegas can match any city in the world for decadence, as proven in this bloody tale of four college dudes enticed into an “exclusive” off-Strip party while on vacation in Sin City. It's Scott's (Brian Hallisay) bachelor party, and he's brought along his best buds Carter (Kip Pardue), Mike (Skyler Stone), and Justin (John Hensley) to aid him in creating one wild weekend of debauchery. The group meet two hotties (Sarah Habel and Zulay Henao) who tell them that the real wildest party in Vegas is out in the middle of nowhere, but that the sexperience will be worth the trip. They go, but Scott, Carter and Justin wake up the next day with no clue what happened last night, and no sign of where Mike is. It's just like The Hangover (2009), except then it becomes nothing like The Hangover, since the search for their buddy leads to them getting kidnapped, tortured and murdered. Yes, the floozies that invited them left out one key detail: the party is a hunting party for a shadowy cabal known as the Elite Hunting Club, and these unsuspecting undergrads are playing the prey. There are a few twists you might not expect in this Eli Roth-free entry in the infamous "torture porn" franchise, but Spiegler keeps the tradition of absurdly alluring women luring these men to their deaths. Don't take the bait, just masturbate! Evelina Oboza’s o-bosoms are falling out of her bra as she seduces one of our heroes, with a bonus butt shot when she’s slaughtered in the shower. Meanwhile, Cassie Keller is also killer in a barely-there hot-pants-and-suspenders outfit that somehow manages to hide the best parts of her massive mams. Be super careful chasing vag in Vegas: a lesson learned thanks to Hostel: Part III.