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Heartbreakers (2001)

No Nudity

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Heartbreakers (2001) is the tale of two babes from one family who live to con rubes out of house and home. Sigourney Weaver is ma flim-flam, she of mean mind and tight thigh; her baby girl is Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose mams could feed a Party of Five. Sigourney gets wealthy men horny enough to marry her, and then Jennifer Love's huge tits get to work getting them to lose their pants so that poor, scorned Sigorney can divorce them and take their shirts. Ray Liotta is their most recent mark, an auto-body-shop owner who can't say no to the owner of a body like Jennifer's; she gets her man then decides that she wants to strike out on her own. But before she can go solo, she has to pull one more scam with moms. There’s no nudity in this fine piece of puffery, but you can be sure that wherever Jennifer Love's jugs go, lovely cleave is sure to follow.